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With our service will help you save time and optimize profile management on social networks. Visually Plan, Schedule post and automation on social networks

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Key Features

Our features were built with the needs of freelancers and agencies in mind
Learn how our tools and features will help you organize and manage your social media marketing plan like never before.

Create Unique Social Media Content

Brand photos and images with your logo

Edit images for maximum user engagement

Upload content from your device or cloud

Schedule Engaging Posts

Engage users on all major social media networks

Schedule posts on several platforms ahead of time

Post on multiple social media accounts simultaneously

Visualize Your Social Media Calendar

Access a visually appealing form of your social media schedule

Share posts at the optimal time for users across networks

Diversify your social media strategy across the right platforms

Streamline your social media processes & delivery for your clients

Whether focusing on a campaign for one brand or managing social across hundreds, Our service helps agency teams be more productive by managing all their client activities from a centralized hub.
Our service is guaranteed to save your hours each day.

A complete solution for your social marketing & save your time

With an intuitive interface and a lot of extra features to help you create articles that are interesting and easier


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We have 3 different plans which offer access to different features, with options for monthly or annual subscription.

  • Monthly basic plan: €15/month
  • Monthly standard plan: €39/month
  • Monthly premium plan: €99/month
  • Annual basic plan: €150/year
  • Annual standard plan: € 324/year
  • Annual premium plan: € 828/year

We offer both monthly and annual subscription plans.

You can pay with a credit card or via PayPal.

Yes, you can sign up for a 5-day free trial  After the end of the free trial, you can sign up for a monthly or annual subscription plan.

Yes, you can upgrade anytime online from your account.

It depends on your plan.

Basic plan: up to 6 accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Telegram

Standard plan: up to 15 accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Telegram

Premium plan: up to 38 accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Telegram

No, there’s no mobile app at the moment. However, Proshare works equally well on desktop and mobile devices.

You can read this article to learn how to add your social media accounts to Studiorific Social.

No, that’s no longer allowed by Facebook’s terms and conditions. You can add and post on Facebook groups and pages

No, you can use Proshare only for posting on Facebook groups where you are an admin.

Yes, you can add and post on both your LinkedIn personal profile and company page.

Watch our tutorial video to learn how to schedule posts on one or multiple social media accounts from proshare. You can also read this article.

When scheduling posts on multiple social media accounts simultaneously, you can choose whether to have all of them published at the same moment or some time apart from each other. To have the post published on all networks at the same time, set the Time gap between posting (in minutes) to 0. To have the post published on different networks subsequently rather than simultaneously, set the desired interval in the Time gap between posting (in minutes) field as the number of minutes.

Only you as an admin of your social media accounts will be able to see this message. Your users and followers will not see it. Posts scheduled through Proshare look exactly like posts published directly on each social media platform.

You can schedule posts on multiple accounts on different social media platforms simultaneously. You can also post from RSS feeds. We are currently developing a feature for bulk posts. Once released, it will be automatically added to all lifetime accounts as relevant.

You can watch this Tutorial to learn how to connect your Instagram account(s) to Proshare

it is preferable to use instagram proxy. But You can connect your Instagram account(s) without this.

Proshare posts directly on Instagram through API. Once you schedule your post on our platform, you don’t have to do anything else when the publication time comes.

Yes, you absolutely can. You can add multiple photos and/or videos in a regular Instagram Photo Post, Instagram Story Post, and Instagram Carousel Post (up to 10 files as per Instagram’s terms and conditions).

Yes, this feature is available.

No, this feature is not available at the moment. However, you can edit the publication time of your scheduled posts before they go live.

No, this feature is not available at the moment. It is currently under development. Any new updates will be automatically added to lifetime accounts as relevant.

The Watermarkfeature allows you to brand all your image content with your company’s logo. Just go to the Watermark tab in the left-hand side menu of your Proshare dashboard. Choose to add a Default Watermark or choose the account to which you want to add a watermark. Upload your logo or other image that you want use as a watermark. Adjust the position, size, and transparency. This watermark will be automatically added to all your photos posted or scheduled through Proshare. The Watermark feature is customizable per social media account.

Go to the File Manager tab in the left-hand side of your Proshare dashboard. Choose whether to upload files from your device, import from Google Drive, or import from a link. Then you can add these files directly from the File Manager once you start scheduling posts

For photos we support jpg, jpeg, png, and gif. For video files we support mp4.

You can connect your Google Drive, but you can’t connect Dropbox at the moment. However, adding this feature is in the pipeline.

No, this is not possible at the moment. However, you can still search for files based on words in the names with which you uploaded them to your File Manager.

The Group Manager allows you to organize the social media accounts connected to your Proshare account into groups. For example, you can organize the accounts into client groups (all accounts of a single client in one group) or into social media platform (all your Facebook pages and groups in one group). Then when scheduling posts, you can choose to schedule on a specific group or groups of accounts instead of selecting all accounts where you want to publish manually.

Yes, this feature is available with all subscription plans.

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